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Barry the BeeMaster Barry
is a local beekeeper serving the Greater Victoria area on the southern end of Vancouver Island, BC Canada. He is an accredited Bee Master and BCHPA certified instructor of Beginner's Beekeeping. He has been keeping bees for more than 20 years.

The ongoing cool spring of 2023 suggests that the honey bee swarm season may not start until late April this year.

A swarm of honey bees start as a cloud of several thousand bees slowly moving through the air at tree top level. They eventually come down and cluster as a ball, usually on a tree branch. In general a swarm is reasonably calm during it's first day. By the second day they are starting to get hungry and much more aggressive at protecting their queen. Please stay clear and call me directly on my swarm hotline at 250.213.2894 or by EMail. I will be happy to relocate these clustered bees to a new home at no charge provided they are easily accessible. View a swarm collection in Victoria, BC.